Ceremony Day

By 31 January 2017 July 12th, 2017 news
A special day in the beautiful location of the Agriturismo Polledrara (Frosinone), where the Ceremony Day was held. An exclusive event to which Papa Confetti e Cioccolato has participated with a selection of productsCioccogragola, cioccomirtillo, cioccoamarena, cioccomelone, bianchi d’Avola and bianchi d’Avola Bio, but also Macarons and dark chocolate: all the quality of Papa Confetti and Chocolate products to accompany with unique north sweet events.
The day was an important occasion for us to observe, know and deepen the aspects related to the world of ceremonies, at a location immersed in perfumes and full colors of nature. The event was attended by professionals, industry specialists, wedding planners and whiskey experts, ready to select the most sought-after distillers to celebrate a special day, adding a touch of originality from vintage notes. Sonia has been offering tasty combinations with our products, which perfectly matched the decorations and the proposed fittings, making them even more unique and tasty!