We defend environment with chocolate

By 12 September 2014 July 5th, 2017 initiatives

Do you know that to defend cocoa trees, unlike other plantations, there would be no need to break down tropical plants? Rather to grow cocoa in a suitable manner means it to grant an inestimable opportunity to environment? Cocoa trees need shadow, they live with the jungle in harmony and they also attract at least 80 species of birds that they live in the forests (R.A.Rice and R.Greenberg “The chocolate tree”, “Natural History”). Many years ago in a forest of Bahìa in Brasil it was discovered an unknown species: a little bird with a poetic name Acrobat with pink legs (Acrobatornis Fansecai).

Promote the sustainable cultivation of cocoa means contributing to preserve tropical forests from tropical threats by man. It means keeping alive a basic ecosystem thanks to nitrogen produced by cocoa tree during seasonal cycles. And it also means to preserve biodiversity. Are we talking about saving the planet with chocolate? Yes, we are and not only about cultivation. Chocolate is becoming more and more an eco-sustainable product during its whole production process.

It is possible to change cocoa into sweet “moments of ecstasy” without harmful substances in the atmosphere and without damaging climate. For example we have installed in our plant in Monteroduni in Provice of Isernia, a photovoltaic system that it allow us to auto-produce the 25% of energy needed to the production. The remaining 75% will come entirely from renewable resources, thanks to the signing of a contract for the supply of 100% clean. It is possible to obtain a new chocolate!