Enrico Papa’s research applied to local businesses

By 9 April 2018 news

Enrico Papa is a promising recent graduate. He studied Ingegneria Industriale (Industrial Engineering) and he is about to begin a Master’s Degree in Ingegneria Chimica per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (Chemical Engineering for Sustainable Development).

Enrico Papa is 23 years old. He graduated with a final thesis on a 5-year sustainable plan involving three businesses. The idea consists of a power generation plant that fuels its production system with production discards from the same companies. Recycling, saving and reduction of pollution.

The thesis, which was curated by Prof. Luisa di Paola, focuses on his family business: a sweet production company in Molise producing chocolate, sugared almonds and macarons, as well as on Nutfruit Italia, an agricultural holding that -thanks to European fund- is cultivating 7,5 hectares of almond threes. Two business that aim at growing by increasing sweet production and broadening the cultivation of almond threes up to 500 hectares by 2023, but caring about the environment and the territory.


The third company that Enrico Papa analyzed within his final thesis is Uniconfort, based in Veneto. It produces hi-tech biomass power plants, which tolerate biofuel’s relative humidity up to 50%, such as almond’s pruning and shells. Both vegetative and food waste material that, with no need of further drying or processing, will reduce carbon emission levels to zero.

Enrico Papa said: “For a business that consumes 600.000 kw per year in electricity and that is likely going to consume 1.000.000 kw per year within the next 5 year, a biomass power plant represents an economic, environmental and security advantage. The company aims at creating an almond threes cultivation that will not only meet the production needs of the company, but also its energy needs. The installation of a trigeneration system will reduce electric, thermic and cooling energy costs, therefore cutting down CO2 emissions.


Original Text (in Italian):  Università Campus Bio-Medico di Roma