Sabor’s warmth and folklore, the world of chocolate flavor

By 18 October 2016 July 9th, 2017 papa per il sociale

It was held in Rome at the Ristoro degli Artisti in Via Gian Leonardo Ceruso 22, a charity-evening show with the twinning Italy – Peru organized by the Associazione Provida Onlus presided over by Rosa Alfaro Guevara, the Association founded in 2000
with the aiming to carry out projects in the fields of social assistance, education, training, environmental protection and nature, promoting actions in favor of the development of poor countries over the years.

On this occasion, Rosa delighted the guests with typical gastronomic specialties of Latin America and Italy, privileging, after a rich buffet with Peruvian specialties (Inka Chicken) and Italian, sweet food with beneficial properties for antonomasia : The chocolate provided for the occasion by Papa Confetti, an excellent production of Isernia by the entrepreneur Claudio Papa, who is more and more present in the capital. They could not miss the dance groups that performed with the traditional costumes of Peru, Mexico and Argentina: Latin American Renacer, Fantasia Mexicana, Mas que Tango Folk. For Italy the dance school and Theatre Laboratory The Petit Paris by Nicola Carbonara and the teacher-choreographer Antonella Spalvieri with the performances of her students.

Many guests and exponents of culture, politics and the world of entertainment attended to the event . Among them: the princess Conny Caracciolo the goddess of the evening, the young Omar Favorite author of the book Francis The Revolutionary – by Armando Curcio publisher: the book is a 150-page essay that analyzes the figure of Pope Bergoglio (“he is a man amongst Men” said during the evening). And also: the dynamic entrepreneur Davide Aracu General Manager of Farem Abruzzo, a network of international affiliates dealing with business in the markets of Asia, Europe, Africa and which will shortly go to Latin America. The evening was conducted by Antonio Russo.