III Edition of “L’iguana” Prize

By 26 June 2016 July 9th, 2017 initiatives

Tomorrow, June 26, the Castle of Prata Sannita will host the award ceremony for the Third Edition of “L’iguana” award. An event expected for its specific value, combining the high sense of the values of culture
conjugated to a place, The Prata Castle, with its distinctive and recognized artistic and architectural beauty as well as guardian of important historical events.

The Prize – born of an idea by Esther Basile, Maria Stella Rossi, Lucia Daga, as a tribute to Anna Maria Ortese, a European writer – sees the prominent participation of the Italian Institute of Philosophical Studies and the Cultural Association Eleonora Pimentel, The Egida of the European Parliament, the collaboration of the Prata Sannita Municipal Administration in partnership with Associations and Institutes of recognized national and European interest.

The ceremony will be attended by Gerardo Marotta, founder and President of the Philosophical Institute, poet Elio Pecora and poet Roberto Deidier, Italianian Margherita Pieracci Harwell, actresses Anna Maria Ackermann and Milena Vukotic, film critic Professor Alfredo Baldi By Mr Vittoria Franco, by jurors, musicians, actors and journalists who will give birth to an event that confirms the constant attention to many cultural aspects.

The Prize covers seven sections: Fiction, Edited Poetry, Unpublished Poetry, Sage, Video and Shorts, Photography, Music.

To the winners of ceramic works realized for the occasion by the Studio of Antonio, Angelo and Simone Zaccarella and by Santillo Martinelli, ceramic of Prata.

Tiziana Bianchi with the video Silent Heroes, heroes every day and Laura Valente with Homage to Caruso will present their works out of the contest. Image / Symbol of the Award confirms the successful work of the artist Simone Zaccarella, as is confirmed by Molise’s excellence such as Dolceamaro Confetti Papa, Valerio Fields, Difficult Dairy, Marinelli Pontifical Foundry and Wines Alessandra Di Tommaso and Carlo Zucchetti- Montefiascone.

The hosts, the Scuncio Daga Family, will host guests, scholars and artists in their Mansion, guarded with wisdom and careful attention by N.D. Lucia M. Daga, a place of ancient charm that over the centuries has been the protagonist of cultural and historical events. Photos and video clips entrusted to Rosy Rubulotta.