“L’iguana” Prize 2017

By 2 July 2017 July 9th, 2017 initiatives

Sunday, June 25th, in the suggestive scenery of the Castle of Prata Sannita, was held the concluding ceremony of the fourth edition of the “L’iguana” award. The Prize brings around this initiative a real cultural project

which embraces a wide range of fields: literature, edited and unpublished poetry, photography, video / shorts, music, calling intellectuals, scholars, guests and workers from various parts of Italy and abroad.

Iguana is the title of the Contest, which refers to one of the best-known novels by Anna Maria Ortese.
The Umay to the Order, from this edition, adds that to the figure of Gerardo Marotta intellectual, founder and president of the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies.

The ceremony was characterized by excellent performances by: Elio Pecora, Roberto Deidier, Milena Vukotic, Anna Maria Ackermann, Giuliana Sgrena, Massimiliano Marotta, Margherita Pieracci Harwell, Vittoria Franco, Alfredo Baldi, musicians like Nicola Rando, Marcello Appignani, Susanna Canessa, Christian Of Flower, Lino Blandizzi, Giulia Capolino.

Dolceamaro took part in the event as a technical sponsor, contributing to the success of the awards day, with a focus on the value of Culture as a source of growth and sharing.