Almond is the undisputed protagonist of sugar-coated almonds and other delights of Papa’s Company

Production chain

Almond is the undisputed protagonist of sugar-coated almonds and other delights of Papa’s Company. For this reason it is the focus of an ambitious project of the Company and it consists in bringing the cultivation of almond in the territory of Molise. It is realized a specific project financing on the measure 1. 2. 4 of P.S.R (Rural development Plan) Molise 2007- 2013 to bring back the production of almond and it has been approved. The project wants to create an innovative Almond Supply Chain in Molise to research the variety of plants, methodologies of cultivation, necessary techniques and it also provides to the production of various markets requirements and efficient production methods. In 2013 it was created a society called Nutfruit Italia-Società Agricola a.r.l, that it is building plants and it is buying some territories throughout the province of Isernia to realize cultivations of almonds. Its aim is to develop the almond cultivation in Molise to meet the production needs of Dolceamaro Company of Papa’ Brothers.

Historically this is a territory close to the production of sugar-coated almonds so for this reason this project will give positive results in the aspects of the rediscovery of a traditional production, in the quality and control of authenticity of products, but also to the respect of environment.         This project means to settle the cultivation of raw material to the plant, in this way there will be a significant reduction of CO2 emissions from the transport of this product and the higher quality control on the main raw material used.

The future developments of the project include a plan to optimize energy, efficiency and also the agricultural waste will be used to produce energy and reduce the company’s environmental impact.