the Idea

to enclose into sweet creations the preciuos flavorings and parfumes of cocoa and almond plants.

the Passion

that every day we cultive for chocolate and for Italian excellence confectionary.

the Research

that we looking forward consumer needsto tradition with respect to tradition and innovation.

the Excellence

of our products that it is recognized by international food safety standards BRC and IFS.

the Value

of gourmet confectionary tradition of our territory.

the Creativity

with which we afford market challenges.

the Environmental Sustainability

because we want to promote the environment in which we operate such as the main resource.

the Healty Diet

that it is inherithed from Mediterranean tradition and it is important to spread it to consumers.

the Control of the Supply Chain 

with vertical integration projects of production activities. They started to cultivation of cocoa and almond and finished with packaging of products.