The Stars of the Catering

By 22 March 2017 July 9th, 2017 initiatives

It will be the exceptional frame of Matera, the city of the Sassi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to host the annual edition of the National Symposium of the Italian Association of Professional Chefs – APCI “The Stars of Catering”
In the presence of over 150 chefs from all over Italy and abroad.

The chefs will have the opportunity to attend a “express confettata” with Master Claudio Papa and to taste his sweet creations of high confectionery.

Viceconte Palace hosts seminars on contemporary food training. In particular, the topic of the relationship between food and wine will be discussed, together with the VINES OF ITALY – Touring Club Italiano – the only Italian guide dedicated to native grape wines.

There will be also place for young promises, thanks to the Forum “The young chefs of the South”, organized in collaboration with the magazine Sala & Cucina and moderated by its director, Luigi Franchi.

The award ceremony of the prestigious “Stars of the Catering” will be held in the Aula Magna of the Matera Chamber of Commerce.