Loucura, the sail ship sponsored by Cuorenero, wins the Medio Tirreno competition

By 23 May 2018 news
loucura cuorenero

Roncone’s  crew wins the 33rd “Centomiglia” of Medio Tirreno in the section Orc of offshore sailing.

Loucura Cuorenero

We proudly announce that Locura won at the Circeo sailing week, the offshore sailing competition organized by Circeo Yatch Club on the Circeo – Palmarola route.

Loucura is sponsored by Cuorenero, the Dolceamaro Srl’s brand that represents Italian confectionery and chocolate tradition, using genuine raw materials of Mediterranean tradition and rich cocoa blend coming from Central America and West Africa.

Circolo Nautico Caposele’s sail boat, led by Frederic Roncone and supported by Cuorenero, added this trophy to its latests achievements: previously Loucura shot at second place for Irc and at third place for Orc at the Punta Stendardo di Gaeta competition.

Loucura Cuorenero

<<Winning the “Centomiglia” gives us the confidence to face the upcoming challenges with optimism, thanks to the perfect mix of the ship and the sail, the support of the excellent M&N sail production company by Scarpa family and the experience of Ernesto Angeletti>> said Loucura’s skipper Frederic Roncone.

After this success, Loucura is getting ready for the Rolex Capri Sailing Week, the 64th edition of the Tre Golfi competition, when 120 sail ships from different countries will face a race on a route of 150 miles through Naples, Gaeta and Salerno gulfs.

We wish that the winds will favor Loucura!