Papa Confetti e Cioccolato at Mezzogiorno in Famiglia

By 24 March 2018 news

Sunday March 25th at 11 am Dolceamaro Srl with its heritage brand Papa Confetti e Cioccolato will be hosted by the TV show Mezzogiorno in Famiglia on Rai 2.

Papa Confetti e Cioccolato will be in the town of Fornelli (IS) to record Rai 2’s popular TV show; it will show the decoration of Easter eggs, the preparation of sugar coated almonds and the setting of a “confettata” (tasting of confetti).

During the episode we will show the uniqueness of artisanal chocolate eggs, the most appreciated present by kids and adults, which will be decorated by our expert master chocolatiers. Moreover, you can learn about the preparation of Papa’s sugared coated almonds, which follows a long tradition originated in our territory in the Middle Ages, and how to set up a tasting of confetti.


Confettata di Pasqua

Confetti Papa are not just tasty, but also colorful! Therefore, they are perfect for setting up joyful and colorful tastings of confetti for every special occasion.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s episode of Mezzogiorno in Famiglia on Rai 2 to discover our sweets!