Papa Confetti e Cioccolato at “Taste of Excellence” Rome

By 20 June 2016 July 4th, 2017 manifestazioni

Rome – “Products, stories, recipes and business projects.” An event dedicated to organic production and to the taste of local specialities.Experts in the field of food production have met at the event organized by the “Emu”, company leader in the sale for the garden furniture, based in Rome.

Producers of chocolate, olive oil and products in the chain of agriculture at km 0, carefully selected, exhibited their specialties in  the event. International chefs, that daily export the “Made in Italy”all over the world, have created special dishes, with elements that characterized the showcooking, exclusively cared by “Taste of Excellence”.

Inside the space of ‘”EMU” “Tast of Excellence” were made several original and tasty recipes, such as spaghetti by “La Tognazza amata”, founded in the seventies by the actor Ugo Tognazzi. He celebrated his passion for cooking with a futuristic project, which was promoted a few years ago by his son Gianmarco.

The special dish cooked in the exhibition was enhanced with the tasteof red cabbage or meatballs with eggplant, delicious dishes that have helped to pull not only quality products, but also to raise awareness of fine wines.

Two Molise’s companies wew present among the productions of excellence in the exhibition: extra virgin “Cooperativa Colonia Julia Venafrana” of Venafro and the company “Papa”, based in Monteroduni which produces sugar-coated and chocolate quality, with an eye on exports. Two companies synonymous with excellence, which confirmed the visitor the use of quality raw materials and traditional values in the delights presented.

There will be soon a next event in EMU – says Marianna Giovannetti, Director of the store. Another chance for food and vegetables, wine and beverages, floriculture, which constitute together one of the sectors that best identifies and qualifies the “Made in Italy” worldwide. An important economic value that results in economic terms with important values of the national GDP and revenue by the export.

Simonetta D’Onofrio