Dolceamaro Srl wins the Terra Laboris Award

By 26 April 2018 May 25th, 2018 news
On May 27th 2018 Dolceamaro will receive the Terra Laboris Award, hosted by the Association Alta Terra di Lavoro. The award will be accepted by Dott. Silvano Papa.

Our company has being recognized as an “excellence” for its ability to create high quality services and products, with strong identity and heritage traits.
We are honored to receive this award, because for us the territory on which we operate is very important: not only because we are the successors of an old confectionery tradition (sugared almonds have been produced in Molise since the Middle Ages), but also because for us territory means identity, culture and human value.

Premio Terra Laboris

At its 3rd edition, the Terra Laboris Award highlights successful organizations operating on the area of the former Regno delle Due Sicilie, organizations that operate excellently in culture, art, theology, philosophy, agriculture and -in general- production.