II Edition of Anita Edberg Prize

By 18 September 2016 July 9th, 2017 papa per il sociale

On 9th February, in the splendid Palazzo Ferrajoli, the second edition of the Anita Ekberg Prize was created by Sara Iannone (in the photo on the left with Daniela Poggi, Luca Filipponi and Roberta Gulotta): a great event to celebrate ‘ Actress disappeared
in 2015 with a celebration worthy of her and her beauty.

Papa Confetti e Cioccolato has participated in the event with its products, making the celebratory evening of one of the world movie stars in the sweet life years even sweeter.

The parterre consisted of nobles, artists, professionals and exponents of culture, entertainment, politics and entrepreneurship, strictly in mask to recall the great protagonists of international cinema.

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