Our history

Love and experience since 1975

We have produced sugarcoated almond since 1975,when our father Pietro and our mother Rosa changed a familiar expertise in a real job, that it was improved when we moved to Isernia, a land rich in confectionary tradition and in craftsmanship.

Here is grown and fed our passion, we have learned to work with chocolate. Since then many things have changed, knowledge has evolved through researches, analysis, technology but taking care of the things we do and those around us, it remains our philosophy of life, that it inspires us every day. This is the reason why we still yet excited when we taste a chocolate or a sugarcoated almond made as our parents would have or when a friend entrusts us his gift to insert into an Easter egg.

Nowadays food companies have to follow standardized procedures to obtain certifications, they have to “control the production chain” and all the world seems to be worried only to produce and sell more and more.

Instead, we believe that love and respect for people and products are priceless.

We research quality not only selecting the best raw materials, but also promoting the sustainability of production processes and the energetic saving, and we are aware that a commitment to a cleaner environment, it represents the most precious gift that we can make to our sons.

We would like to tell you who we are and telling you how we work, how we produce candies and chocolate, but above all we would like to meet you.

Roasters, confectionary producers, pastry shops, gastronomies, simple gourmet: our customers are our best friends, they are the most demanding, those you urge to give the best every day, receiving challenges of new things, without never losing sight who we are.

We are waiting for you. Claudio e Silvano Papa