Regional Excellences: Tintilia del Molise wine

By 2 October 2018 news
tintilia del molise doc

Tintilia del Molise is a red wine DOC produced in the areas of Campobasso and Isernia. 

It’s the only grape variety 100% from Molise, which from centuries is giving rise to a dry, ruby red wine.

Winegrowing in Molise is a long tradition: first Sunnis and then Romans cultivated this very generous land. In this wine region, the Tintilia del Molise is cultivated since the second half of ‘700, which is during the Spanish domination of Borbone family.

tintilia del molise doc

The name, in fact, is a word of Spanish origin (“tinto” refers to the red color of the grape and -therefore- of the wine), even if the grape itself doesn’t come from Spain -as it was erroneously believed for long time.

This wine from our region, of which we are very proud, is paired with kid, lamb, grilled meat and many more delicious dishes from Molise.

tintilia del molise doc