Regional Excellences: Monteroduni Castle in Molise

By 20 October 2018 news
Castello di Monteroduni

Know as Monteroduni Castle, the Pignatelli Castle was built upon a Lombardic Stronghold, which was raised when the population had to face the Arab raids. Previously, on the same location there was a Sunnis’ settlement.

castello di monteroduni Molise

During the Angevin period (14th century) gun turrets were added to the original stronghold. The castle has the shape that we can still admire today since 1503, when it became property of Ludovico d’Afflitto.

Afterwards, the Monteroduni Castle was restored and used as a residence by its new owners: the Pignatelli della Leonessa family (1668 – 1806). This family undertook radical changes, which transformed the castle from a military structure (a defensive stronghold) to an elegant palace in the Renaissance style.

During the Pignatelli time the beautiful presence chamber was realized: it is characterized by a wooden ceiling made with 190 oak panels painted with chivalrous scenes, a marble fireplace and a beautiful tile flooring, on which the family’s coat of arms appears (three “pignate”).

Transformed several times during the centuries, the Monteroduni Castle took the modern shape at the beginning of the 20th century, when -to follow the trend of Medieval restorations- crenellated ramparts were built.

The Pignatelli family owned the Monteroduni Castle until 1990, when it became property of the city. Today it’s possible to visit the Monteroduni Castle, which is also a location of many weddings.

castello di monteroduni Molise