Tastings on Frecciarossa: on the road with Confetti Papa

By 15 July 2018 news
degustazione sul frecciarossa

From July 23rd to 27th, passengers on Frecciarossa trains from Rome to Milan and from Milan to Rome can taste Cuorenero’s colorful macarons and Papa’s sugar coated almonds from our product line featuring Italy’s most beautiful places: Deliziosi Confetti d’Italia. 

Papa’s sugar coated almonds and Cuorenero’s macarons are the protagonists of the delicious tastings that will take place on Frecciarossa trains, which will tell the story of Molise’s traditions and of our artisanal production to the passengers traveling from Rome to Milan, meanwhile offering to them our tastiest products.

Cuorenero produces its macarons by following the ancient recipe that Caterina de’ Medici brought as a present to French court in 1522. They are re ned meringues made with almond our, sugar and egg whites, which contains an exquisite naturally avoured chocolate cream.

During this tasting “on the road”, the colors of macarons will be paired with the flavors of our sugar coated almonds Deliziosi Confetti d’Italia, which pairs the quality of our products with the most beautiful cities in our country, an actual journey through Italy to discover its most distinctive flavors.

The sugar coated almonds that we will offer are Rome, Venezia and Verona, with the flavors of blueberry, pistachio, strawberry and lemon. All flavors perfect to kick off the summer, with which we want to wish you a pleasant journey and, most of all, happy holiday!