Dolceamaro Srl takes part to the charity gala celebration for Isceljenje

By 14 July 2018 news
gran gala dolceamaro

During the gala, dinner funds have been raised for a halfway house in Pesaro and for those who lost everything after a cylinder burst in their house.

Last week Dolceamaro Srl took part to the charity gala at Coriolis in Ripamolisani. The event was organized by a group of concerned citizens, together with Campobasso’s Lions Club and under the auspices of the Foundation “Il Cuore delle Donne”.

galà di beneficenza Matrice

During the charity dinner, 1500€ have been raised for Isceljenje, the halfway house for all those families that need to be close to their loved ones, who are admitted to Pesaro Hospital, especially children.

Another issue was raised during the same gala dinner, an issue that is very heart-felt in Molise right now: the cylinder burst inside a flat in Matrice, near Campobasso. After the incident, part of the house was destroyed and a woman suffered severe injuries. The Lions Club intended then to raise money for yet another good cause, and it did raise around 1000€.