Papa Confetti e Cioccolato at “Primavera a Napoli… Vetrine in Fiore”

By 10 June 2018 news
Primavera Napoli

The event “Primavera a Napoli … Vetrine in Fiore”, which is curated by Tiziana Gelsomino and sponsored by Papa Confetti e Cioccolato, has just ended.

During the 12th edition of this spring festival, on May 21st at 6 pm the book “A Theater Laboratory Approach to Pedagogy and Creativity” by Tatiana Chemi was launched. Tatiana Chemi is an associate professor at the University of Aalborg, Chair of Educational Innovation, where she works in the field of artistic learning and creative processes.

primavera napoli

This book is the result of 20 years of research and interviews investigating pedagogical practices in performing arts, as well as the opportunity to learn through the support of theatre workshops starting from a real problem: the pedagogical gap between the practices of traditional educational institutions and the challenges for an unknown future.

In the beautiful Art Nouveau setting of Teatro Sancarluccio, our heritage brand Papa Confetti e Cioccolato joined other local excellences and delighted the visitors with our “Perle” from the Deliziosi Confetti d’Italia collection that are dedicated to this beautiful area of Italy.

The collection includes the Capri packs, with their delicious strawberry-flavoured sugar-coated almonds, and the Napoli packs, with their delicious pistachio-flavoured sugar-coated almonds.

primavera napoli

The city of Naples itself inspired the curator of this cultural format, Tiziana Gelsomino, to create “Primavera a Napoli … Vetrine in Fiore” in order to promote art, design and cutting-edge fashion.

“Naples – said Tiziana Gelsomino – is a cultural capital full of arts and literary elements that set it on the path of international cities like Miami, New York and London, where these events are popular”