How to set the perfect sweet table for a summer wedding

By 3 August 2018 news
confettata matrimonio estivo

Summer weddings are beautiful, but they are also tricky: there are several precautions to take in order to beat the heat and make it a long, pleasant party, not cooking your guests over low heat! 

First, decorate the tables with colorful fans, different in shapes, stiles and designs: they will add some color to the scenography and they will also be very useful.

The fan-themed scenography should apply also to the sweet table, to make it even more colorful.

confettata matrimonio estivo

The same idea of “fresh” comes from fruits. You can serve fruits into baskets in the centre of the table, into cocktails and -it goes without saying- you can have fruits on your sweet table too, to add vivid, summer-ish shades to it.

confettata matrimonio estivo

Summer fruits are also the best flavors for the sugar-coated almonds of your summer wedding. In addition to the classic white sugar-coated almonds “Bianco d’Avola”, you should offer to your guests sugar coated almonds tasting of summer: try melon, pineapple, strawberry, coconuts, blueberry, mango and passion fruit.

Con o senza piscina, il vostro ricevimento estivo sarà fresco e indimenticabile!