Dolceamaro and Whisky Italy at Vinoforum 2018 – Spazio del Gusto

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vinoforum 2018

After the tasteful pairings offered at the Roma Whisky Festival, Dolceamaro’s sweet products will pair once again with Whisky Italy’s great whiskies.

 We will be at Vinoforum 2018 with our heritage brand Papa Confetti e Cioccolato and with the wide selection of macarons of our brand Cuorenero.

Drawing on their wealth of experience, the two Roman brothers who fell in love with whisky during a trip through Ireland back in 2004 came up with three pairings that will delight the taste buds of all those who will visit us at Vinoforum:

vinoforum 2018

1. Claxton’s Bunnahabhain 17 Years Old + Lemon Macarons 

This whisky is well-known for having a taste that constantly changes. It’s a whisky with a scent of apple, apricot relish and quite citrusy at the end, which will be paired with our lemon macarons, a type of macaron characterized by an especially fresh flavour that is perfect to kick off the summer.

macarons limone

2. Charlotte Scottish Barley + Ginger Dragées 

A whisky made with 100% Scottish barley, with a sweet and smoked aroma with hints of caramel and vanilla, which will be paired with the refreshing, pungent and almost spicy flavour of our ginger dragées, the most exotic dragées in our collection.

Dragées Zenzero

3. Auchentoshan 12 Years Old + Chocolate Macarons

This Scottish single malt whisky with hints of toasted almonds and caramels is renowned for being produced with the traditional “triple-distilling” method, which guarantees a light and “cleaner” product. The pairing with classic –and timeless- chocolate macarons is absolutely chic.

macarons cacao

Vinoforum 2018: where you can find us

To try these three delicious pairings, visit us at the Whisky Italy stall at “Vinoforum 2018 – Spazio del Gusto”, the Rome’s festival devoted to great wines and champagne –and also to haute cuisine- that this year has come to its 15° edition.